Thursday, August 20, 2009

Measuring LiveCycle Performance: Message Size

The method of measuring performance provided by LCDS works only in situations when producer and consumer of messages are both on the Flex side. For Data Services that means you can obtain some metrics only for initial collection fill:

Original message size(B): 499
Response message size(B): 17687
Total time (s): -1250809384.8
Network Roundtrip time (s): -1250809384.868
Server processing time (s): 0.068
Server adapter time (s): 0.014
Server non-adapter time (s): 0.054

If you want to know message size and response time for messages pushed from Java server to Flex client, this method doesn't help* in the current version of LCDS (2.6.1). Adobe promised to add this feature in the future release but for now you have to use other methods. Here is what I use to measure message size.

1. JMX. By default LCDS exposes some useful metrics through JMX:

2. Flex log. If you enable log in the services-config.xml, you will see something like this in the output console for every data push:

Thread[1563082333@qtp0-0,5,main] registering write interest for Connection '1752654181'.
Thread[my-rtmp-SocketServer-Reactor1,5,main] unregistering write interest for Connection '1752654181'.
Thread[my-rtmp-SocketServer-Reactor1Writer,5,main] Connection '1752654181' starting a write.
Thread[my-rtmp-SocketServer-Reactor1Writer,5,main] chunk output stream writing message; ack state: 3
Thread[my-rtmp-SocketServer-Reactor1Writer,5,main] Connection '1752654181' finished a write. 233 bytes were written.

3. If you don't have access to the server, you can use any network protocol analyzer (WireShark is really good) on the client side to monitor size of packets received from the server.

* Actually, there is one undocumented feature that can be used with the described method to measure size of "create" messages, but Adobe does not recommend to use it.


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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Git on Cygwin

Here are the steps I perform to use Git on Cygwin:

• Install necessary packages: git, gitk, subversion, subversion-perl. That's because I use Subversion via Git bridge.

• Amend C:\cygwin\lib\perl5\vendor_perl\5.xx\ file using this patch. That's to fix small bug causing "Permission denied: Can't open '/cygdrive/c/DOCUME~1/myself/LOCALS~1/Temp/report.tmp'" error.

• Configure white spaces using this command to fix trailing spaces warnings.